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British Ju Jitsu Association National Championships 2022

Our annual championships take place on the 3rd September 2022 at Walsall and our students have been busy training hard for those medals.

We’ve held extra training sessions and our competition classes every Monday are really busy.

Our Masters of Martial Arts Team of just over 70 students , plus our instructors who will be refereeing and officiating, will be travelling down to set the venue up ready for a great event.

It will mean that our Blackburn Academy will be closed on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd September 2022 as we will all be away.

Please make an effort to do make up for any missed class due to closure by attending any of our weekday classes.

Good luck to all competitors and watch this space for an update on how our students performed.

Hopefully we’ll have some great news to report!



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