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Our aim is to build a better community through work with other organisations.


Our Community Projects are tailored to meet the needs of our local community, specifically Blackburn with Darwen, one of the largest boroughs in the wider Lancashire area. The borough’s multiple deprivation indices, multicultural ethnicities and its relatively young age profile forms the basis of our mission to promote and develop an inclusive sport community that caters for the multi-facet characteristics of the local area.

Our ambition is built upon the development of an integrated sports community where people of all backgrounds participate and progress in every avenue of the amateur sport of Ju-jitsu. With a strategy that encompasses a vision to play a wider role in our local community by bringing people together; improving the health and well-being; providing positive, diversionary activities for young people and raising the aspirations and employability through training provision and volunteering opportunities. 

This vision of shared rights, responsibilities and opportunities maximises the appeal to the wider community and promotes collaboration with external agencies to meet the priorities of our local council through a common interest in Ju Jitsu.  

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