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Sensei's Burogu 22nd July

Schools out now and what a great summer we’ve had so far. We’ve just had our air conditioning serviced and it’s keeping us cool in the Academy - so much so that a parent asked me to turn the temperature up in the waiting area!

So keeping to the great summer theme, in this blog I thought I’d talk about our summer activities and things to look forward to.

First of all, for the first time ever - WE’RE OPEN ALL SUMMER. Yes that’s right, our classes will run as normal to help keep our students engaged and entertained. So if we’re going to be there, then we expect our students to be too. It’s difficult sometimes to get our younger students to class when their friends are playing out, but it’s only one or two hours out of a whole week. Missing class can become habit forming, and makes it more difficult to get them back in September if they’ve hardly been all summer. We’ll be doing our part by pointing out when classes have been missed and inviting you to take advantage of a catch up class at one of our many sessions throughout the week. Let us know if you’re away.

Our competition classes are back up and running, and we will be holding our own Blackburn Academy competitions in early October for just our students. We will be taking a competition team down to the British Ju Jitsu Association National Championships in September. As our instructors are either competing or officiating, there will be no classes on Friday 31st August or Saturday 1st September.

September too will see the start of our Dragon Tots classes for 3 year olds. These classes will be held during the daytime and the Tots will be supported by their parents/carers on the mat who will take an active part by holding the focus pads and other similar roles. More info to follow.

We held our first ‘Oya No Kai’ meeting last week. What’s that? I hear you say - it’s our student/parent group. Karen Procter, our parent/student director came away with some great ideas and will be looking to set up our first event shortly.

Our Defibrillator for Schools fundraising reaches new heights, with two new schools (St Mary's & St Joseph's, Bennington St and St Marys, Langho) accepting our offer to donate a defib and they should take delivery in September.This takes the total to 15 Blackburn primary schools we have supported through your help and fundraising. You should be very proud.

Could I ask that those who have not yet paid their £15 annual subscription to our sports club, do so as a matter of urgency as it is overdue. As a not for profit venture, all proceeds go towards the running of the club and supporting our students.

Finally, one of the greatest honours in martial arts is the appreciation by our students. We see this in thank you notes and pictures from our younger students, smiles & high 5’s after class from our older students, and busy classes & handshakes from our adults. We try to have a ‘WOW’ moment each class where students get to see what they can achieve.

The highest sign of appreciation is a personal recommendation and invitation to join our classes from an existing student to one of their friends, family or colleagues. As well as showing confidence in our teaching, it helps maintain the great family feel of our club.

Keigu (Kind Regards)


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