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Family Fun Day

We’re holding a social event THIS Sunday 26th September to bring our families together for a lot of fun.

We'll set a number of challenges for families to compete against each other. Don’t worry, they’ll be fun, not physical and suitable for all ages.

It’ll be a great opportunity to bond with your own family and other groups too. Numbers aren’t important, but a maximum of six and minimum of two would be ideal.

So what will it entail?

We’ll have a number of challenges to test you.

The whole family will be competing against other families and over the course of the event you’ll be up against every group at some point.

There will be things like cup flips, ping pong challenges etc - all fun.

You can win points for your groups, with special bonus points too for exceptional/lucky performances.

As the event progresses we’ll update the family scores and we’ll also have an interval as Pam, Karenne & Shaper are insistent on a cake break!

The event will be limited to 12 family groups, and there's only a few places left.

To cover costs, there will be a £10 charge per family.



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