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Update November 2020

Hi everyone,

The latest round of COVID restrictions may demotivate many of us and our children but we know now, this reality may persist for many months to come.

While we acknowledge the difficulties this presents, is it not right that we pursue our aspirations and enjoy our lives regardless of this ongoing situation?

We are pleased to say we will offer our students, of all ages, all the support we can and we are pleased to announce....

...that classes will continue on Zoom following the lockdown decision.

During the last one, we successfully taught online to over 100 students who were able to train, practise and then be successfully graded to their next belt – all done remotely.

This time we can do it even better as we’ve learned a lot whilst doing that.

We will switch straight onto Zoom classes on Thursday night for our Juniors and Adults. Both groups have worked hard towards their grading and we don’t want to them to miss out on that.

For the Juniors and Adults, regular attendance on Zoom plus their participation by doing what we ask of them will all go towards the instructor assessment grading we have previously announced.

Additionally for the Adults, some of whom have not completed all their syllabus work yet, we will be teaching a range of replacement techniques which can be learned and practised at home and will improve their Ju Jitsu too.

For the Little Dragons, the first week of November is tab test week, so all this week we will be running through the drills and basic moves they all know so well, so they won’t miss out on their next tab.

So please be reassured it will be business as normal for us all, with students having regular sessions - learning, developing & progressing .

Classes will run as normal at the Academy until Wednesday 4th November and we will resume on Thursday 3rd December.

Watch out for our Zoom schedule by email soon and see you all back on class in 4 weeks!

Best Regards

Phil & Steve




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