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Academy Open Weekend, Weapons Course & New Dojo Official Opening Sat 11th & Sun 12th September 2021

What a busy weekend it’s going to be...

On the Saturday we’ll be opening our doors to all to invite the public in to take a look at our facilities and classes from 10am until 5pm.

It'll be a great opportunity to show off not only our venue, but the great students we have, as well as the fun and enthusiasm we see every class

There’ll be loads of activities such as:-

  • Meet and Greet for visitors in reception by Senseis

  • A Wheel of Fortune to win prizes

  • A visit by our Little Dragon and Ninja Warrior

  • Cake & Biscuit Stall

  • Raffle

  • Sponsored Cycling and Rowing outside our front door.

As a not for profit sports club that runs the venue and its activities, it's also a great opportunity to raise some funds to support our students activities

So we’ll need volunteers to bake or supply cakes, students and parents to staff the Gazebo outside and either before, during or after class, some leaflet distribution in the town centre to shoppers either to drum up a bit of interest or invite them up.

Plus you could always do the bike riding & rowing as well!!!

As we've no classes on the Sunday, we'll be holding two Kobudo or Weapons Courses for our students

There will be an Adults Course from 10.30 – 12 noon, followed by a Juniors Course from 12.15-1.45pm.

The course will be given by Sensei Dean Angotti (5th dan) and will give students the chance to train with nunchaku, tonfa, bokken, bo staff and more.

Booking Details for the courses will be sent out separately.

Then finally, at 2pm we will welcome the Mayor, Derek Hardman and our Blackburn MP, Kate Hollern plus many other guests to the Official Opening of our newly named ‘Zenryoku Dojo’. There will then follow a buffet for all attendees.

Details on how to obtain a limited number of tickets to the Official Opening will be circulated shortly and will be required for attendance then we can ensure sufficient refreshments are available for all.



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