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Samurai Summer Camp - Friday 26th July

SAMURAI SUMMER CAMP at Masters of Martial Arts Blackburn - Friday 26th July 9am-5pm

All existing junior students age 7 & above are invited to our Samurai Summer Camp where they will develop their understanding of these fearsome Japanese warriors.

Why Samurai Summer Camp? You should know that Ju Jitsu is the unarmed martial art practiced by the Samurai to be used in close quarters on the battlefield.

The fun packed day will entail learning some cool extra self-defence skills used by the Samurai. We will also look at their weapons, way of life, armour and other skills.

Students will need to bring their own lunch.

This is a great opportunity to improve your Ju Jitsu knowledge and have a great day during the summer holidays.

BOOK NOW for just £25. Please ask at class about our discount if you have more than one child.

Your place can be booked online now at

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