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Sensei's Burogu - What A Year!

We’ve been open now for 12 months and what a year it’s been. Time has flown by and to say the club goes from strength to strength is an understatement.

Since opening in October 2017, we’ve

  • Held our annual junior awards night recognising 90 students for their achievements

  • Entered a team of 43 students in our annual Masters of Martial Arts Competitions in Whalley

  • Won 34 medals at that event

  • Achieved over 11,500 individual student attendances in the last 12 months!

  • Have nearly doubled the number of students

  • We’re now open 5 days a week

  • Have 25 different classes per week

  • Started our new Dragon Tots programme for 3 year olds

  • Have a successful ladies only class

  • Now have a weekly junior and adult competition class

  • Entered a team of 10 students in the national British Ju Jitsu Competitions

  • Won 5 medals at that event with two juniors medalling at their first visit

  • Introduced our Star Student of the Month awards chosen by five Sensei’s to recognise student efforts.

  • Fundraised & donated now towards 15 defibrillators for Blackburn Primary Schools

  • Successfully applied for Community Amateur Sports Club Status

  • Held our second annual general meeting of the sports club

  • Welcomed students from our Audley Club who have joined us

  • Have organised our own Academy competitions with 54 entrants

  • Have appointed a parent/student director

  • Our own website is now regularly ranking 2nd for martial arts in Blackburn

Masters of Martial Arts Academy is set up to provide opportunities for, and to promote participation in Ju Jitsu in our own Blackburn town centre full time venue.

We couldn't have done any of this without the support of you - the students and the parents.

For that we thank you all

Keigu (Kind Regards)


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