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*NEW* Dragon Tots Classes!

Dragon Tots, our new martial arts class for 3 year olds, starts on Tuesday 11th September 2018.

Building of the success of the Little Dragons, these classes will see your young ones develop in movement, coordination, balance and listening through our innovative programme by concentrating on age appropriate activities.

What’s unique about this programme, is that you - as parents or carers - will be on the mat holding the focus pads so you can work with your little ones at home to really develop their skills.

The half hour class is a structured syllabus which focuses on different aspects each week, such as simple techniques - making a closed fist, punching with one hand, using alternate hands, striking a moving target and much more. Not that easy when you are only three.

As the Dragon Tots haven’t started school yet, classes will be held on a Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm at our Blackburn town centre Academy.

You can book your free tryout session online or feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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