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Sensei's Burogu 4th March

As promised, in this second Burogu (blog), we have some exciting news about our martial arts activities.

Junior gradings take place this month, on Sunday 18th March. All details including times are now on our dedicated page of our new Academy website:

For those junior students who joined us recently, the first grading for red belts takes place in class the week before to ease the worry and stress it can cause. After that all other gradings up to brown belt take place at Hyndburn Sports Centre where we grade usually around 350 students. A busy day but it’s great to see our students performing and succeeding.

We hold our own competitions at the end of April at Oakhill College, Whalley. There are a number of categories including continuous fighting (sparring, throwing then groundwork), random attacks, kata and pairs demonstrations. To prepare our students fully, we're running an 8 week competitions course every Friday evening, starting in March for juniors and adults.

*Competition criteria is 8 years and above and minimum level of white belt, but anyone can come on the course.

Have you responded to the email on how to register for the course?

There then follows an opportunity to compete in the British Ju Jitsu National Championships in Walsall in early September, followed by the United Nations of Ju Jitsu Congress in Gibraltar at the end of that month. Masters of Martial Arts will be sending both competitors and officials to both events.

Whilst we might be a local martial arts club in Blackburn, our students have competed both nationally and internationally and have come home with medals too.

"With a bit of dedication, commitment and motivation - that could be you or your child!"

In my next blog, Sensei will be talking about how we have set up our Academy as a sports club, and our plans for 2018.

Don't miss out - follow Sensei’s Burogu for all the latest news.

Keigu (Kind Regards),


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