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Competitions this October!

Sunday 7th October 2018 at 9.30am

We are pleased to announce the first of our own Academy competition events to be held at our venue for our own students, with further events to be held in February and June next year.

The purpose of holding our own event, is to give the students the opportunity to experience a competitive format in a familiar location with instructors and fellow students whom they know.

The first competitions will be in the categories of continuous fighting and kata, and are open to all junior and adult students.

The kata will be an individual performance which is scored in a number of categories. The continuous fighting, instead of being a knockout, will be arranged so that everybody is guaranteed a minimum number of fights, and will probably work on a league system.

Our specific competition training classes are held every Monday for juniors at 7.30pm and Tuesdays for adults at 8.15pm and are a great way to prepare.

Speak with Sensei to book your place for this extra training.

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